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Maryhill Historical Society

The monthly meeting of the Historical Society of St. Boniface and Maryhill was held on Monday, March 25th in the Edward Halter Home at 7 p.m.

COMMITTEE REPORTS   ARCHIVIST & GENEALOGY – Research assistance given to help families searching their families – Marjorie Schmuck, Stephen & Kathie Mulhall (Schmuck), Kerry (Klein / Schell), Dave & Janis McCrae (Berner / McCrae), Sylvia Hasbury (Butler), Darcelle Watts(Kiefer) Linda Bower (Reinhart ), Sue Bishop (Lauber), Mary Zettel (Zettel), Mary Pat Boniface (Zinger), Betty Johnstone (Saakel), Cindy Creed (Goetz),Lorraine Hinsberger (Reinhart / Rich), B. Bustard (Waechter / Weiler), John Kunkel (Kunkel), Loretta Donald (Olinski),Joe Weiler (Weiler), Brenda Bower ( Haus / Reinhardt / Opperman / Zuber), Kelly Vogel-Cooper (Holle), Ann Staines (Hummel), Stephanie Massel (Massel), Robert Wideen (Missere), Phil Hauser (Knoepfler) , Sandie King (Schumacher), Eva Martin (Godbold), Nick Norcott (Martin), Donna Massel (Hasson / Schwoob), Sister Beatrice Zinger (Klein) Dee Bairos (Bruder / Reinhart), Sharone Knox (Lauber / Goetz), Jo-Ann Curtis (Joseph), Larry Stephens (Schohn / Schmidt / Schmitt / Brohman), Ron Zinger (Zinger), Gloria Hipel (Yantz).

The archives has received pictures of  Simon & Teckla (Bitschy) Tschirhart  and their family tree. The family has donated a “New Germany” swatch and  Frank Tschirhart’s obituary – welcome home certificate, a letter written to Frank from his cousin Francis Gehl a couple of months before Francis was killed.

House information was researched.  Received information on the area of  Weissenburg.

Worked on Soufflenheim Emigration Document with several people who had Soufflenheim connections.

BIRTHDAY CLUB – Birthday cards continue to be sent out to members 80 years or older.

BUILDING MAINTENANCE – new fire extinguishers have been installed. The committee will be checking on making some updates and will report at the next meeting. The washroom in the Historical House will be updated.

CHURCH – From November to March there were 7 baptisms and 8 deaths in the parish.  Have indexed the Baptisms, Marriages & Deaths for 2018 (16 baptisms, 2 marriages, and 12 deaths). On Friday, 1st March  23 young people made their Confirmation.  A lady received a tour through the church who was particularly interested in the Weiler Statute. Received pictures of church cement ramp and steps also Rectory steps and sidewalk.

COMMUNITY –  Two members attended the Wilmot Township Heritage day in New Dundee on 23rd February. Reminder the 7th Annual Kitchener Public Library Genealogical Fair will be held on Saturday November 2nd.

MEMBERSHIP –  We have 103 households and have a membership of 333.  There will be a walkabout in Maryhill taking place on Monday April 29th  to drop off information to the local household explaining about our Maryhill Historical Society.

PROGRAM – Local community groups have been contacted regarding Canada Day hoping they will take an active part in that day.  The Historical House will be open from 11 a.m.to 4 p.m. There will again be a horse drawn wagon tour through the Maryhill area.

RESOURCE CENTRE – The Historical House had been decorated inside and outside for Christmas.  A  new veterans display had been made for the Annual General Meeting.  Work was done on the Veterans Book and have received information on Frank Yancus including picture also information on the 5 Tschirhart men. Toured a family through Historical House.  Have updated “Calendar & Newsletter” book.  A cleaning schedule will be made shortly to prepare the house for the Open Houses.

PUBLICATIONS –The Spring newsletter has been emailed  or mailed to all members.  The Summer newsletter is currently being worked on and hope to have ready by mid – May with the mailing the first of June.

SCHOOL – Received a picture of St. Boniface School and the convent which shows the fence around school and the gravel road.  Thanks to members of the Historical Society  we now have Woolwich SS #10  school pictures and names for the years 1923, 1937, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1946, and 1947.

WEBSITE CO-ORDINATOR – The website is constantly being up graded.

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