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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Call it a pie-in-the-eye goal

St. Jacobs PS students buying up ballots that will let winners toss pies into the mugs of their teachers in a fundraiser for SickKids

It’s not every day you get the chance to shove a pie in your teacher’s face, but students at St. Jacobs PS will get the opportunity to do just that, all for a worthy cause.

Seventeen of the school’s teachers have volunteered to be a victim in a spirited assembly on March 7, with all the proceeds raised going to SickKids Hospital.

“The theme is kids helping kids. That’s what was really touching, is that they wanted to benefit someone like them,” said Brandon Farr, the teacher who spearheaded the project.

Those participating can buy one ballot for 50 cents or three for $1, and choose their preferred target. The names will be drawn randomly at the assembly; participants can purchase as many tickets as they wish. The more ballots each participant buys, the higher their likelihood of them throwing the pie.

Wanted posters featuring each participant set the tone across the school.

“There’s not a lot of things more motivating than punishing a teacher by putting whip cream in their face,” said Farr with a laugh, noting that even school staff have been getting in on the buzz.

“We even have teachers that are allowed to buy tickets to put in other teacher’s faces,” said Farr. “Mrs. Uttley’s brother is on staff as well, so she wants to buy a lot of tickets to get her brother.”

The endeavour was organized by the school’s charity team, who maintain that getting the opportunity to raise money for kids in need was rewarding in itself.

“It’s amazing to get the opportunity to do fundraisers,” said Samantha Fishman, a member of the team. “If we raise money for causes like this, to create more hospitals, more space, less room for stress, then it’ll make the situation easier for kids and parents.”

Many of the organizers have a special connection to the charity, with close friends, classmates, and even family members being patients at SickKids.

“I know we have some kids on our charity team that have been to SickKids and have a connection to it,” said Hannah Bauman, another member of the Charity Team. “So they wanted to give back.”

“It’s amazing how you hear people be like ‘oh I went to SickKids for this’ ‘I went to SickKids for that,’ and these people come out of the woodwork that it’s like oh my gosh we have this magical place in common,” added Farr.

The group is dedicated to organizing fundraisers, with members having previous experiences with these types of initiatives. Previous campaigns in including a sock drive, where socks are collected to benefit the homeless, and a stocking stuffer campaign.

“It’s always nice when we get our grand total and think ‘Wow. We did that. We planned this,’” said Bauman. “Especially the sock drive, we got 500 socks. I don’t think I would have ever guessed that was the number.”

“They’ve displayed amazing empathy throughout this entire process, which has been really heartwarming for our staff to see how committed these kids are to helping other people. It’s pretty awesome to see that in the youth,” said Farr.

Farr said he was overwhelmed with the community support they’ve received for these fundraisers, and with the dedication of members of the charity team.

“It’s an amazingly generous community,” said Farr. “This is my first year here, so I’ve been pretty blown away by the generosity here. And I have no doubt that this is something that I know people are connected to as well because it’s such an incredible place that helps a lot of kids.”

SickKids Hospital in Toronto is a research-intensive hospital and the largest centre dedicated to improving children’s health in Canada.

The event will take place right before the students’ March Break on March 7, giving them an electric send-off to their holiday.

Veronica Reiner
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Veronica Reiner is a Reporter Photographer for The Observer.

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