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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Maryhill News – Knights of Columbus Free Throw Basketball

This year things were a little different concerning the Maryhill Knights of Columbus Basketball Free Throw.  The contest took place on Thursday, January 24th during the lunch hour in the  St. Boniface school gym.  This was for boys and girls 9 to 14 years of age, this year there were no 14 year old students.

Back Row – Steve Kuntz who chaired the event, Gary Embro member of the K. of C., Owen Brown (13 years old), Logan Mazzetti (12 years old), Tim Vegh, Grand Knight for the Maryhill Knights of Columbus, Tim Runstedler District Deputy for District 118, Emma Maric (10 years old), Kelsey Treutlein (11 years old), Ella-Ann Fluit (9 years old), Reece Martin (9 years old) and Aiden Maturana (11 years old).

Registration forms were sent home for all the young people who wished to participate, the parents signed and the forms were returned.  There were 26 students participating.

Each contestant had 3 practice shots followed by 15 consecutive shots.  The 9-11 year olds shot from 12 feet while the 12-13 year old boys and girls were at the 15 foot line.  They could not go over their respective lines or the winning basket would be disqualified.  The girls shot from one side of the gym while the boys used the other side.

Each participant received a badge and a participation certificate.   The winners received a certificate, badge and a basketball which was presented by Steve Kuntz who chaired this event.

First place winners for the girls were: Emma Maric for the 10 year old girls, Kelsey Treutlein for the 11 year old girls.  There was a tie in the 9 year old girl category between Ella Anne Fluit and Ashrena Swift.  Ellla Anne Fluit shot 3 more baskets than Ashrena the second time round.  For the boys – 9 year old Reece Martin won with Sam Silva winning in the 10 year old age group and Aiden Maturana in the 11 year category.  Logan Mazzetti won for the 12 year old boys and the 13 year old winner was Owen Brown.

All the participants were shooting at the Council level. The winners also shot for a second time and these scores will then be sent on to the District Level.

It was wonderful to hear the shouting and clapping when someone scored and encouraging their friends.

Diane Strickler
Diane Stricklerhttp://www.maryhillroots.com/
The Historical Society of St. Boniface and Maryhill Community committees were formed in 1977. Today our membership is made up of those who have a deep affection for unravelling the mysteries of the past and of those who have ancestral roots in the Parish and Community. Diane Strickler leads the Genealogy/Archives and lives in Maryhill.

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