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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

300 show up for Wellesley Lions’ fundraising dinner

The community of Wellesley came together for a good cause on Sunday, with 100 per cent of the proceeds of a dinner going directly to support the family of a local boy with diabetes.

Six-year-old Easton Van De Hogan was diagnosed with a severe case of Type 1 diabetes when he was just two years old. He has been in several life-threatening situations at such a young age. Because of this, he needs several devices to make his life easier and less painful, specifically a Dexcom, which is a continuous glucose monitor.

The Dexcom allows his teachers at Wellesley Public School and his family to monitor his glucose levels instantly, avoiding the painful procedure of pricking his finger every 30 minutes. The device is approximately $340 per month and requires a new $700 transmitter every six months.

Another device that makes life easier for Easton is an insulin pump, which releases several doses of insulin at meal times and when the glucose levels are too high, based on programming done by the user. The supplies needed to maintain his use of this device cost around $300 per month.

Unfortunately, OHIP does not cover all of the costs associated with these devices, which is where the generosity of the community comes in.

“He’s just an awesome little guy from Wellesley,” said Julie Logan of the Lions Club. “We’re not sure of the exact amount raised yet, but typically we profit about $3,000. It brings a lot of the older Wellesley residents out, and it’s a great event. Definitely well-attended.”

Some 300 people showed up on Sunday to show their support.

“Every time it’s different,” explained Bill Futher of the Lions Club. “A couple of years ago, a person needed a triple lung transplant. Another year, the proceeds went to a person who had cancer and trouble walking. Every year it’s something different. All of the profits from this dinner tonight will go to this child. The Lions Club have done the cooking for this event for 28 years.”

Veronica Reiner
Veronica Reinerhttp://www.observerxtra.com
Veronica Reiner is a Reporter Photographer for The Observer.

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