Music and story telling the traditional way

Paul Weber [File Photo | The Observer]

Hankering for a little Hank? Jonesing for George? Sticking to the Strait and narrow? You’ll probably find what you’re looking for this weekend at the Commercial Tavern.

Seasoned players, many of whom have firsthand experience on the road with the classics songs and performers of country music, take to the stage in Maryhill September 16 for The Men of Country Music show.

Commercial Tavern owner Paul Weber and his brother Mike will be joined by Grant Heywood, Fred Lewis, Wayne MacGillivary and Paul Newell for the concert on Sunday afternoon.

“It’ll be the heroes of country music, past and present – a good cross-section of the male artists of Canadian and American country music,” said Paul Weber.

The musicians have been involved in the scene for years, touring in Canada and internationally, often with many of the very same bright lights of country music. They know how to do music the traditional way.

“They know this music firsthand,” Weber said, noting they all have many tales to tell of that experience. “It’s going to be a light day of music and stories.”

Most of them will take a turn at the mic, perhaps singing some of their favourite songs by their favourite artists. For Weber, that list includes Hank Williams, Merle Haggard and George Strait, while MacGillivary will do some Toby Keith and Alan Jackson and Lewis some Dwight Yoakum.

There’ll also be the likes of Ray Price and Garth Brooks.

“We’ll do a good cross-section of many of the artists and the hits.”

They’ll also be opening it up to the audience for requests, as the people will undoubtedly have some favourites of their own.

“We can mix it up,” he laughed.

The Men of Country Music take to the stage Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Commercial Tavern. Tickets are available at the venue, 1303 Maryhill Rd., or by calling 519-648-3644. Click for more information.

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