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Canada Day means tournament time for the Elmira Lawn Bowling Club

Members of the Elmira Lawn Bowling Club participated in their annual Canada Day tournament on July 8. The winner of the event was Cathy Grominsky. [Veronica Reiner / The Observer]

The winner of the annual Canada Day tournament held July 8 at the Elmira Lawn Bowling tournament was 91-year-old Cathy Griminski.

“The lady who won our tournament on the weekend is turning 92 this week,” said Denise Lowe, a member of the Elmira Lawn Bowling Club for the past six years. “And she won. And she’s been bowling for many, many years – she’s awesome, and she’s from the Elora club. She is so much fun to be around. Just a wonderful, very funny, vibrant lady.”

“I don’t even know how long I’ve been lawn bowling; a long, long time,” said Grominsky. “That was a good day on the Canada Day tournament, it really was. Like we haven’t really been winning; that’s the first one we won first prize.”

“That’s Blondie Griminsky,” said the president of the Elora Rocks Lawn Bowling Club, Dolly Guadagno-Simpson, in reference to Cathy’s nickname. “Elmira does have a Canada Day tournament; I wasn’t there this year.”

Lowe also pointed out that anyone from age 9 to 92 can enjoy the simple outdoor sport of lawn bowling.

“People think oh, you have to be old to play it,” said Lowe. “But you don’t. There are junior teams, like young teams, which go to provincials. You don’t have to be old to enjoy lawn bowling!”

The club has served the community for nearly a century. Today, 84 members get together on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to participate in the sport.

The club hosts many themed lawn bowling events, such as a craft beer memorial tournament and children’s lawn bowling tournament. Prizes are presented to the winners of such events, with occasional events handing out participation prizes to everyone. Events can occasionally get competitive because of this, said Lowe. The type of prize is generally in line with the theme of the sponsor.

“For the meat market, everyone will get a prize consisting of some

type of meat,” said Lowe. “For the craft beer tournament, it consisted of beer. The others are money prizes. The money depends on how many teams we get, and the money gets divided amongst the winners.”

Club members often have a close-knit relationship with one another.

“It’s a very social club,” explained Lowe. “For me especially, it’s just a nice, close-knit, fun place to go. You can go and congregate and just have a nice time. You know we have jitney with other clubs in the district. And we take turns on Friday afternoons going to each other’s club. And then a group of us go out for lunch. … Lawn bowling is a very social thing.”

Their next tournament will be hosted on August 15. More details are available online at www.elmiralawnbowlingclub.org.

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