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EDSS track athletes head to OFSSA finals this weekend

Elmira high school fields 11 competitors at the OFSAA West Regionals

The area was well represented at the OFSSA West regionals last week as several EDSS students headed south to compete at the University of Windsor circuits. Facing off against the elite prospects of western Ontario, the 11 Elmira students held their own, with two qualifying for the final Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations championships this weekend.

Of the EDSS students to compete at the West Regionals, star athletes Owen Read and Lizzy Klosa clinched the medals in their respective events, qualifying for the final OFSSA meet starting this Friday in Toronto.

Read medaled in both of his solo categories, bringing home the gold and a silver to boot. In the men’s senior 100-metre dash, Read proved to be the speediest of the lot, claiming the first-place position and perhaps giving him the title of the fastest high school student in the entire western half of the province. Whether he’ll be able to claim the fastest high schooler in all of Ontario will be decided in just the next few days.

Read also placed second in the men’s 200-metre dash, ensuring him a second spot at the starter’s line at OFSSA this weekend.

Klosa, meanwhile, claimed the bronze in the women’s 400-metre senior dash, missing the silver by just 3/10s of a second, but giving her just the win she needed to move onto the next round. Klosa also placed 7th in the 400-metre hurdles leg, no easy feat considering the competition.

EDSS’s long-distance runner John Wang was also out competing at the OFSSA West Regionals over the weekend. Despite a mammoth of an effort, competing in both the senior 800-metre run and 2000-metre steeplechase, Wang was unable to repeat his successes at CWOSSA the week prior.

Over in the men’s midget high jump, young EDSS student Connor Cortes made a valiant attempt for the qualifying spots, but fell short of a podium finish. It was an disappointing end to the junior athlete’s momentum, who at CWOSSA had picked up the bronze medal in the same category. But, with a few more years of high school to go, Cortes has nowhere to go but up.

Two of EDSS’s relay teams were out at the OFSSA regionals as well. The EDSS senior women’s relay team, featuring Maddie Quinn, Megan Bartley, Delaney Douglas, and medalist Lizzy Klosa, put on a stellar effort, but couldn’t quite edge out the competition. The boys had a similar run of things, with Brian Alpaugh, Emmett Bartley, John Wang and medalist Owen Read falling a few paces short of a medal, an unfortunate downgrade from their second-place finish at CWOSSA.

Read and Klosa will be at the OFSSA finals this weekend, which is being held at the York Lions Stadium and Toronto Track and Field Centre.

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