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Feast of Corpus Christi celebrated

Children from the parish who took part in the strewing of flowers throughout the procession.

It was a beautiful morning for St. Boniface Church to celebrate the  Feast of Corpus Christi.  This annual Corpus Christi celebration involves Mass, followed by a procession to the two outdoor altar houses and then returning to the church for benediction.

Father Ron Voisin, with Carl Reinhart driving and 4th Degree Grand Knight Tim Vegh

Father Ron Voisin in the “priest mobile” driven by Carl Reinhart led one decade of the Rosary at each of the two altar houses with the singing led by Rosemary Flanagan and the senior choir.  St. Boniface is one of only  a few parishes in the Hamilton Diocese that still carries on this age-old tradition to honour the Holy Eucharist.

Giving the direction along the way was procession marshal Carolyn Stemmler while Heidi Wagner organized the groups in church before heading outside.

Canopy Bears – Dwayne Sauve, Peter Wagner, and Michael Wagner and wife.. Eucharistic Ministers – Paul Kraemer and Marilyn Rider

Marshalls for the event were Flank Keller and Earl Haid who stopped traffic that would interfere with the procession. Bell ringing was done by Elmer Zettel.

Cross bearer Ryan Wingrove, Mike Weber carrying Canada Flag, Helen Peacock with the Catholic Women’s League flag, Ron Kennedy with the Holy Name Society Flag and Peter Tillich Jr. with the Knights of Columbus flag with Mary Dopp in backrgound.

The cross bearer was Ryan Wingrove with brother Jake Wingrove and Evan Sauve as torch bearers.  Followed by the various members of the parish carrying the flags, including Mike Weber carrying the Canadian flag, Helen Peacock carrying the flag representing the Catholic Women’s League, the flag for the Holy Name Society was carried by Ron Kennedy, and the Knights of Columbus flag was carried by Peter Tillich Jr.  Next came the children from the parish strewing flowers throughout the procession.  For this day only the young people  were encouraged to drop flowers on the pavement and walkway.  They were followed by the 4th degree Knights of Columbus and the Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors.  The canopy bearers were  Dwayne Sauve, Peter Wagner, Michael Wagner and his wife.  Dan Stemmler carried the monstrance.  A stop was made in front of the “monument for the unborn” and Twin Oaks Nursing Home for a special blessing.  The parishioners then followed.  Fran and Tim Vegh and Danny and Diane Strickler decorated the two altar houses.  Thank you‘s were extended to all who supplied flowers for this special occasion.

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