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Skipping all the way to $100,000

Jump Rope for Heart being a tradition at St. Teresa’s, the school’s skipping team was out for last week’s kickoff of the fundraiser, putting on a high-octane show for the students. [Faisal Ali / The Observer]

In a whirl of kinetic action and wild acrobatics, the St. Teresa of Avila skipping team were out once again this year to drum up support for the annual Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser challenge.

A tradition at the Elmira Catholic school, this year might mark a massive milestone for the small community.

The Jump Rope for Heart is a charitable fundraiser run – or rather jumped – in thousands of schools across Canada to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation. For the past 14 years, the 200-odd students at St. Teresa has been taking part in the event, skipping and raising money all the way. And this year, they’re now within jumping distance of raising $100,000.

“We’re at $99,429.10,” explained principal Amy Flynn. “So after this fundraiser we may have contributed over $100,000 just from this school.”

Brandishing their ropes, the skippers performed to the beat of the music on Thursday in front of the whole school an array of elaborate stunts. Some noticeable standouts amongst many was the pogo jumper, the especially brave human skipping rope, the push-up jumper who hopped around a bit like a grasshopper and the cart wheelers, just to name a few. Teachers and students were also called out on the floor to join in the fun.

Besides burning off some calories and fortifying their young hearts, the event was also a way to ramp up enthusiasm for the Jump Rope for Heart fundraising itself, which will take place over the next month.

“It’s kind of our kickoff assembly,” said Flynn. And what a kick off at that.

Coming out of the assembly flushed from all the jumping, the skipping team were happy with the performance. When asked how they felt it went, the kids come back with a unanimous: “Good!”

“Excellent!” says another. There’s still plenty more skipping in store for the group before the summer, and the team will be taking their aerial antics to other schools in the area.

The challenge for the students is to reach the $100,000 goal, though looking back at their performance so far, it seems like a more than attainable goal. The students will be raising pledges over the month and then afterwards the whole school will getting in on the action with a morning of skipping.

Until then, the students certainly should have more than enough motivation and excitement to get there, thanks to the school’s skipping team.

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