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We walk for water – St. Boniface

It was a beautiful day on Tuesday, May 8th as the students of St. Boniface School participated in the “We Walk for Water”.  This is one of the We Schools campaigns that schools could choose to participate in this year.

In the morning the Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3 students walked laps around the school yard with their water bottles. Then the students in Grade 1 to 3 participated in the team challenge of carrying the large water jugs across the soccer fields. They seemed to really enjoy this challenge.

In the afternoon each of the Grade 4 and 5 students carried a laundry detergent size jug of water for as many laps as they could complete.  The students in Grade 6, 7 and 8 were placed in groups of 4 and they had to carry the large water jugs in their group for as many laps as they could complete. It did not matter how they carried the jug as long as they continued walking with it. Most kids took turns or each helped by carrying the jug together. Some students even found large tree branches that they attached to the jugs and then carried together by each holding part of the branch.  As a school  the 150 students completed 923 laps around the school yard..

St. Boniface’s goal was mainly to raise awareness about the need for clean drinking water around the world.   The students were asked to bring in what they could.  The WE foundation had set the amount of $25 which would provide water for life. This organization is hoping to raise enough money through this campaign to provide 50,000 people with clean drinking water . This is based on being able to have wells in the people’s own village  which would provide them with much needed access to clean water.

Every day, women and children around the world spend hours gathering water, which often is full of harmful contaminates  But when you help a village gain access to clean, safe drinking water, you are improving that villages sanitation, preventing illnesses, giving girls the change to attend school and parents can earn a living running their farms.  This means villages can break the cycle of poverty.  Every dollar raised is another drop in the bucket.

Being a small school they set a goal of raising $250. So far they have collected just under $1000.00 and will be  exceeding that amount by the end of this week!  The school never imagined that they would raise this much money and that the students would become so engaged in this campaign.

Special thanks to the St. Boniface WE team of Avery Sauve, Dani Egredzija , Mitchell Harris, Owen Brown, John Patrick Milloy, Ian Gallagher, Maja Egredzija, Claire Doerr and teacher Mrs. Leisha Huber and Educational Assistant Mrs. Susan Weiss.


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