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David Mohr will be presenting his self-care program May 16-18, at the Wellesley Community Centre. [Faisal Ali / The Observer]

When David Mohr experienced a workplace accident almost 20 years ago, it was the start of a long and difficult journey for the Gads Hill resident and businessman. Mohr says that he fell, face down, onto the hard, concrete floor of a factory, knocking him unconscious and burdening him with a host of health problems that would prove unresponsive to whatever treatments he tried.

What did work for him, says Mohr, was a natural herb supplement – a treatment that Mohr is now hoping to share with the public. Mohr will be hosting a Health and Wellness event at the Wellesley Community Centre  to promote his “self-care program” on May 16, 17 and 18.

“Four-and-a-half years ago, I got introduced to these five natural herbs that helped me get out of a wheelchair and stop using crutches. I regained my health,” says Mohr, while reducing the amount of drugs he had to take to nil.

Based on his own positive experience with the herbs, a supplement called an “Nrf2 activator,” Mohr was motivated to start a business promoting it to others. While the Nrf2 activator helped Mohr with his particular injuries, he says that the Nrf2 activator can have benefits for average adults as well. The supplement works, explains Mohr, by activating the Nrf2 protein in the body, which in turn regulates the levels of oxidation of the cells in the human body.

“By activating your Nrf2, first of all you are turning on your survival gene. It slows the aging process and delays disease,” he says. The Nrf2 activator is a licensed natural health product under Health Canada, he adds, noting the products aren’t intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disease.

“What I basically do is, I teach people and then I connect them to our distribution centre, and then they purchase the product from there directly online,” he says.

Before setting up his health and wellness event, Mohr had manned a booth at the Wellesley Home and Garden show earlier last month, and was encouraged by the response he got to host a solo event.

“We had a really overwhelming success there introducing people to the program, and also just getting some background from people there,” says Mohr about the home show display. Speaking with people who passed by his booth, he says he definitely identified a demand from residents of the township.

“There’s a need in that community for better health. So people are looking for that and so that’s why we’re holding another [event],” he says.

There are many health-care products in the market that purport to help individuals live longer healthier lives. The notable distinction of the Nrf2 activator though, says Mohr, is in how it works.

“This product is the only product that we know that is endogenous. It’s an endogenous food. So what it does, it activates the cell from the inside. Supplements, super-drinks, potions, drugs are all exogenous,” he says.

“So the difference is our product activates the cell from the inside by activating the survival gene. So it turns the cell on and each cell does what it’s designed to do, while an exogenous product is trying to get into the cell,” says Mohr.

“We use the analogy of a burning house. … You have a burning house, so you have all the fire trucks outside the house and they’re all starting to spray water on the outside of the house. But the fire’s on the inside of the house.”

Instead, says Mohr, the Nrf2 activator works like a sprinkler system, dousing the fire from the inside.

While the wider efficacy of the treatment remains unknown, Mohr at least swears by it. He’s encouraging anyone seeking more information on his self-made program to join him at the his health and wellness events at the Wellesley Community Centre on May 16 and 17 from 7-9 p.m, and on May 18 8-9 p.m.

“I owe my life to … the Nrf2 activator. With this second chance at life, we created our ‘self-care program’ business to share the information and benefits of Nrf2 activation with likeminded people,” he said. “And then connect them to our distribution centre so they too can enjoy a new life with longevity and quality. We have helped hundreds of people start their second life.”

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