Wellesley council seeks input at public meeting on Nafziger bridge replacement

The Township of Wellesley is seeking public input on a proposal to replace the short concrete bridge on Nafziger Road., just north of Henry Street in the Wellesley village core.

The bridge, Structure 26, needs to be replaced after decades of service, says township staff, who are proposing a construction period from early July to late September this year.

During that period, the bridge will be closed to road traffic, cutting off access to the Wellesley core for those on the north side of the construction. That would include any properties north of the Wellesley Brand Apple Product store, as well as that property itself.

A detour route has instead been proposed that will redirect traffic north to Weimar Line by cutting through private property. That would add maybe 15 minutes of travel time for those on the north side of the bridge hoping to drive south along Nafziger Road. Staff reportedly considered the creation of a temporary bridge for vehicle traffic, but found the expense too great.

The detour will first have to be upgraded by the township to make it safe for the public to use. Pedestrians, however, will still be able to cross the water along a temporary structure proposed at the construction site.

The replacement cost for the 80-year-old bridge has been budgeted at $1.3 million.

Those interested in learning more about the bridge reconstruction, as well as learn about changes to garbage pickups and mail delivery, are encouraged to come to the public meeting, which is being held tonight (Thursday) from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Wellesley Community Centre.

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