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New Year’s resolutions apply to the kitchen too

This time of year we enjoy a sense of renewal and a shiny new year. It’s a chance to rebalance what has been aside to enjoy the indulgences of the holiday season.

For many, lunch looks a bit different: more greens and low on carbs; healthy becomes the new norm. Perhaps exercise is part of your new year. Here, we are detoxing the kitchen as well as the fridge.

We chose 10 small improvements on what is used and consumed in the kitchen, small changes that you too can do in your home to make a difference for your pocketbook and the environment.

  1. In our kitchen we wash our hands a lot. All natural soap is a good start.
  2. We purchased a bunch of dish clothes put them in a basket and now we use those for paper towels.
  3. Spray bottles with vinegar for cleaning glass and floors.
  4. Spray bottle with water and your favourite essential oil for deodorizing the air in your home.
  5. Removal of vegetable oil. Use pure oils such as olive oil, sesame, avocado, sometimes coconut oil and even grapeseed oil. They are less refined and generally healthier as oils go.
  6. Ditch the plastic wrap. Try using glass storage containers or bees wax, consider how the item is packaged and prepared before you buy it.
  7. Choose your top-five most consumed foods and find a healthier option or organic choice. We buy organic apples, locally raised, drug-free meats, sprouts, greens cold pressed organic juices. Breads without preservatives and conditioners. Baked goods that last for weeks at a time can never be good.
  8. Reusable bags for produce, groceries and small containers for lunches.
  9. Consider less-refined products. Choose whole ingredients. Other options for flour and sugar, consider paleo recipes or find a substitute for sugar and bleached flours.
  10. Choose ingredients and products without corn syrup, palm oils, glucose, dyes and preservatives.

In going over this list, choose a few or attempt them all; every purchase we make is a choice. We all can make a positive mark in the kitchen and in 2018. Happy New Year!

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