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Woolwich proposes 5% tax hike for 2020

Budget talks underway this week, Woolwich council is looking at five per cent hike in property taxes, a...

News Briefs

Woolwich nixes traffic islands Displeased with the troublesome pedestrian islands installed during the Region of Waterloo’s reconstruction of Church Street...

EDSS student wins U.S. baseball scholarship

It’s January and nowhere near Florida, but St. Jacobs’ Blake Jacklin is in a baseball frame of mind....

20-year-old agreement causes a stir

An Elmira environmentalist’s “smoking gun” appears to be shooting blanks. Al Marshall, a long-time critic of cleanup efforts at...


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Woolwich nixes traffic islands

Displeased with the troublesome pedestrian islands installed during the Region of Waterloo’s reconstruction of Church Street West in Elmira, the township wants nothing to do with them as the region prepares to reconstruct the eastern stretch of the same road.

Woolwich has made its opposition known repeatedly, but appear to be making no headway, notes Ward 1 Coun. Patrick Merlihan, who sits on an advisory committee for the project, slated to be done in 2019.

“It’s clear to me that they have little respect for the wishes of council and the people of the township,” he said at Tuesday night’s council meeting, seeking support from his colleagues to ramp up the opposition.

Coun. Mark Bauman noted he had a similar experience in the recent reconstruction of King Street in St. Jacobs, where the region pushed ahead with pedestrian islands despite the township’s concerns. Now, the islands are causing exactly the kind of problems that were predicted.

“My experience with the region has been one of frustration,” he said.

Director of engineering and planning Dan Kennaley noted the township has concerns about the structures impeding agricultural equipment, along with horse-drawn buggy traffic.

“Staff are of the view that pedestrian islands are not the best idea at this location.”

Councillors endorsed the idea of a resolution aimed at a political solution if regional staff continue to push for islands as part of the Church Street East project.

Dig it up, patch it up on Northfield

When the Northfield Drive route through Conestogo finally reopened, drivers were greeted with construction delays and an awfully bumpy ride in the southbound lane between Line 86 and Sawmill Road.

The situation was connected to the ongoing work in Conestogo – a portion of Sawmill Road remains closed – as the Region of Waterloo extends water services connected the village to the West Montrose system.

The patchy bits on the road are from areas dug up to install the watermain extending from Conestogo to  West Montrose.

“The road was cut out to install the watermain up to West Montrose, where it is currently being installed,” said the region’s Jim Ellerman. “Those cuts were temporary and now they are patched over fully, so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

Home sales down again in August

A total of 483 residential sales occurred through the Multiple Listing System (MLS of the Kitchener-Waterloo Association of Realtors in August, 19.2 per cent below August 2016’s record breaking 598 units sold but still ahead of the previous 5-year August average of 473 sales, the association reported last week.

Residential sales last month brings a year-to-date total of 4,876 residential units, an increase of 3.7 per cent compared to 2016.

Residential sales in August included 286 detached homes (down 18.8 per cent), and 105 condominium units (down 30.9 per cent). Sales also included 50 semi-detached homes (up 25 per cent) and 32 freehold townhouses (down 34.7 per cent).

The average sales price of all residential sales increased 10.1 per cent to $441,992 compared to August 2016. Detached homes sold for an average price of $519,910 for an increase of 5.9 per cent, while the average sale price for an apartment style condominium was $294,787 for an increase of 26.5 per cent. Townhomes and semis sold for an average of $338,191 (up 13.4 per cent) and $351,233 (up 17.3 per cent) respectively.


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The new face of health promotion

There’s a new face around the Woolwich Community Health Centre. Gebre Berlihun has taken on the role of public health promoter after the retirement of 25-year employee Joy Finney in October.

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EDSS student wins U.S. baseball scholarship

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