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Sunday, July 12, 2020
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St. Boniface School gets first portable in 118 year history

Maryhill is seeing something they have never seen before in the village.  St. Boniface School is 118 years old and this year the School Board has put in a classroom portable in the back of the school.  It is air conditioned which the students in grade 4 and 5 were very happy for.


Back row: Ms. Nancy Zuzinjak, Hayden Weber, Carter Stoneman, Emma Vaughn-Orr, Maja Egredzija, Logan Mazzetti, Ryan Bischof, Gabriel Parronchi, Jake Wingrove, Evan Sauve, Miss Schwartz Front row: Nate Kobe, Charisse Pooran, Ian Gallagher, Iva Milardovic, Justin Matesa, Ainsley Muir, Spencer Miller, Isaac Horvath, Gabe Doerr, Brian Obuchowska, Aiden Maturana, Kelsey Treutlein, Ethan Kralik, Ethan Fluit, Jayden Pereira.



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