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Home is where the practice is for new Elmira chiropractor

From neck stiffness to improving your golf swing, Elmira Chiropractic’s newest addition is ready to get you moving and pain-free.

Michael Dunn joined Jason McDonald’s practice earlier this month after officially becoming a licensed chiropractor in August. Born and raised in Elmira, Dunn says this is where he’s meant to be.

“I always knew I wanted to end up back here. I’m not a city person, I’m a small-town guy,” Dunn said.

His interest in chiropractic began as a child when he’d visit McDonald for injuries incurred while playing hockey and golf.

“He just helped me out every time I came in. So it was something that I was kind of always interested in, knew that it helped me greatly. When I was in university I just came and was considering chiropractic and I shadowed Jason for a couple days and saw what he did and saw how patients really benefited from it and appreciated what he did. I could see myself doing exactly what he did,” Dunn said.

Impressed with what chiropractic treatment did for his sports injuries, Michael Dunn decided to get into the field. Now he’s joined the practice at the Elmira clinic where he was a patient.[Whitney Neilson / The Observer]
Impressed with what chiropractic treatment did for his sports injuries, Michael Dunn decided to get into the field. Now he’s joined the practice at the Elmira clinic where he was a patient. [Whitney Neilson / The Observer]
As a diversified practitioner, he uses his hands, and offers soft tissue therapy and rehab. He notes as chiropractors they have a wide scope, including offering nutritional advice and pointing patients in the right direction as needed. This is another reason he was drawn to the profession because of all the different avenues you can take.

He can also help you get moving better. You don’t have to be in pain to see a chiropractor. If you feel like your motions have become limited, that’s something worth looking into.

“What we can do is just work on that motion and give you a better technique of motion, work the muscles around, we do strengthening to help with those issues as well. We do deal with pain and treat pain very well, but we’re essentially just motion and movement specialists. Anything with the body we can remove the pain and make it move better,” Dunn said.

He can treat anywhere from children four years of age all the way up. He plans to soon take courses on treating newborns as well.

It’s only been two weeks since he joined the practice, but already he’s been able to take on some of McDonald’s patients and new ones as well.

“Even just being associated with him a lot of patients have been willing to give me a try. So it’s been good, always looking for more patients, but I can’t complain with the start I’ve had,” Dunn said.

When asked, Dunn says there are some misconceptions surrounding chiropractic, like the cracking sound of bones during alignment. He says they don’t have to do that if a patient doesn’t like it.

“There are so many options other than cracking. So if somebody doesn’t like the adjustment we can work around that,” Dunn said.

And although some people think they’re strictly neck and back specialists, that’s not true. They do treat those, but they also treat shoulders, wrists, knees, ankles, any joint from head to toe.

When seeing a patient for the first time, Dunn comes up with an individualized treatment plan to help them reach their goal.

“That’s one thing I make sure I communicate with every patient is I can do my best to get you out of pain, solve issues you come with, but ultimately I want to make a goal for you, whether that’s ‘I want to be able to hold my grandchild again’ or ‘I want to be able to walk for a mile without pain,’” Dunn said.

His passion for golf has also transferred into his chiropractic work. He’s taken courses on golf specific biomechanics and rehab within the golf swing.

“So if anybody even wants to improve their golf game, come chat with me about that,” Dunn said.

Dunn is accepting new patients and can be reached at Elmira Chiropractic at 15 Church St. W.

“My goal is to essentially get you out as quick as possible and not see you. I would love for patients to come and chat, but I don’t want them to come and be in pain. I want to get you better as quickly as possible,” Dunn said.

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