MP Harold Albrecht speaks to New Horizons


Joan Haid, Harold Albrecht & Lynn Romagnoli

New Horizons has begun!  Joan Haid started this group a couple of years ago to deal with informative topics.  They meet every 2nd Thursday of the month from September until May.  Everyone is invited to meet at the Maryhill Heritage Park Community Centre from 10-11:30 a.m.  Admission is $2 which includes refreshments and a snack made thanks to Sandy Hachborn.  This is a wonderful time spent getting informed, socializing and having fun.

Guest speaker for September was MP Harold Albrecht who spoke on his role in government and his serving his constituency.  He then spoke on Bill C-300 on the “Development of a Federal Framework for Suicide Prevention”  also on his private members bill M388 regarding an amendment to the criminal code to prevent predators from exploiting vulnerable Canadians online and encouraging suicide.  He then spoke on palliative care, assisted suicides, physician assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia.

There was an active question and answer period that followed.

Lynn Romagnoli introduced and thanks Harold Albrecht who she had gone to school with.


Diane Strickler
The Historical Society of St. Boniface and Maryhill Community committees were formed in 1977. Today our membership is made up of those who have a deep affection for unravelling the mysteries of the past and of those who have ancestral roots in the Parish and Community. Diane Strickler leads the Genealogy/Archives and lives in Maryhill.