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St. Clements a hub for ringette players

Ringette is in the Nosal family blood. This summer, the St. Clements residents have been spreading the love of the sport to girls all around the Waterloo Region and beyond.

Since the beginning of July, Scott and Terry Nosal, along with daughters, Sam, Paige and Sydney, have been running ringette training camps for those just learning, as well as already seasoned players wanting to push themselves to the next level.

Their next camp runs in St. Clements starting on Aug. 22 at the community centre. Mom Terry Nosal says it is all about getting ringette out there, and giving the family the chance to share their expertise in the sport.

The Nosal sisters have played ringette for years, competing on the national and international stages, as well as coaching and mentoring younger players.

“Our kids have lots of experience, not only in playing and as participants in ringette camps, but also through helping us in coaching and learning how all of that works,” said Terry. “It becomes a part of your life and who you are.”

This summer has been a successful one for the Nosal sisters and their PEAK Nosal Elite Ringette Camp.

“It has been excellent. They have two levels – the regular players and the AA players. The camp in St. Clements is going to be very much about strategy, classroom sessions, intense dry land training and more,” said Terry. “The thing is to be able to share. The girls want to be able to share their experience. They have played for team Canada and travelled the world, and there are so many girls that are inspired by that.”

One of the goals of the summer camps is to get more girls and women interested in ringette, a sport similar to hockey, but with a much lower profile.

“It is really about inspiring young girls to get into sports. Just getting more women in sports is a big reason, but also to teach them really valuable life lessons. It is not just about teaching them how to play, but how to take those skills into their lives,” said Terry.

The St. Clements camp is open for players at the U16 and U19 A and AA level, and is a bit more in-depth.

“It is going to be an elite camp and it is going to be really focused on endurance, strategy and nutrition. Things will get a bit more serious. They also get some take home programs to work on,” shared Terry.

The family is already planning for next summer, and are looking to expand their staff to accommodate more players.

“They put so much into it and it is only going to grow. Their focus is also building their staff. It is all about the counselors. As a parent, I can tell you what the parents are expecting, and you also have to have fun. They are hoping that this is going to be an ongoing thing for a few years,” said Terry.

They also hope that with the camp and the success of the Nosal sisters, it will help people learn where St. Clements is and put it on the map in the ringette world.

“People have started saying, ‘where is St. Clements?’ The point is to get people into St. Clements, see where it is, experience who we are,” said Terry. “We even have people coming in from out west to come here.”

For more information on the PEAK Nosal Elite Ringette Camps, visit their website at www.peakringette.com.

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