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What’s in a name? Or a logo? Wellesley is still working that out

Don’t get your creative juices flowing just yet.

Wellesley council deferred plans Tuesday night that would have launched a community project competition to create a new township logo.

Coun. Herb Neher asked if having a township crest and a township logo would just confuse people.

“The idea of a logo is anyone can recognize it, whether they’re from the township or not, whether they’re familiar with our township or not. Immediately they know that is the Township of Wellesley. With the crest that we have now, and this is typical of most crests that are out there, wording is very small, there’s a lot of detail in a crest that you really have to focus on it to figure out whose it is and where it’s from. A logo is just a very bold statement, it tells you right away what you’re looking at,” CAO Rik Louwagie said.

The current crest would stay as the official township crest, he advised, but things like signs and township vehicles would be adorned with the new logo.

He notes Woolwich is a recent example of adopting a township logo. They changed to a new township logo in 2014 featuring the iconic West Montrose Covered Bridge. He says the purpose of the logo would be community recognition.

“If we’re going to go the route of changing the logo and adopting a new logo I’d like to bring up that we should change the name of the township. If we’re going that route why not go all the way?” asked Coun. Carl Smit.

He brought forward a motion asking staff to put together a report looking into the feasibility of changing the township or the village of Wellesley’s name. Council approved it.

“It’s quite a project to change the name of a township. There’s a lot of implications that go with it,” Louwagie said.

He advised the report will not come together overnight as they examine the pros and cons of changing one of the names, along with the costs that would come along with that.

“That’s always been a bit of a thorn for a lot of people, Wellesley as the town and Wellesley as the township and the minute you say Wellesley, most times they don’t know whether it’s the town or the township,” Coun. Neher said.

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