Nextjet to begin flights out of Breslau to Montreal and Ottawa

Nextjet to begin flights out of Breslau to Montreal and Ottawa

Heading to the nation’s capital for business? How about to Montreal for a weekend on the town? Peterborough for a quick trip to cottage country?

Starting next month, travellers can take to the skies from the Region of Waterloo International Airport, with new destinations coming from Nextjet.

The private charter service will be offering flights to Montreal, Gatineau and Peterborough twice a day, from Monday to Friday.

Owner of the airline, Tan Ahmed, says the flights, starting on May 2, are aimed at those looking to take the trip, but don’t want to sit in the car for hours. Headaches that are usually associated with flying from an international airport won’t be a problem with Nextjet trips.

“The whole thing is really different,” he said. “You come in 15 minutes before the flight, not two hours or one hour before takeoff. We use the private terminal in both Waterloo and Montreal, so it is not like you are using the main terminal. It is all private. You walk in and you fly on a private jet. It is better than driving to Montreal.”

For now, there are two flights per day, and only on weekdays, but Ahmed says there are always plans to expand.

“The first thing we would look at would be adding weekend flights, and then we would be adding more daytime flights,” he said. “This has been in the works for six months or so, so we just want to see how this goes. There are a lot of logistics to work out.”

The current flight schedule is geared towards those looking to make a meeting, and be back for dinner.

“It is mainly for business people and that is why it is Monday to Friday. Those are the numbers we have,” he said. “But, of course, anyone can use (the flights).”

When deciding where to add flights, Ahmed says the main things they consider are gaps in service.

“It is mostly about the routes that are not served,” he said. “We look at the demand, especially in Kitchener/Waterloo, Peterborough and that area. The demand is there, but there is no service available.”

One-way flights from Waterloo to Peterborough will be just under $100, all taxes in. A round trip from Waterloo to Montreal will run a traveler about $500. Flyers will be limited to 20 lbs of luggage, including their carry-on bags on the flights.

For more information, and to check out flight schedules, visit their website at

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