Woolwich drinking water systems get clean bill of health

The thousands of tests of Woolwich’s drinking water done each year typically turn up only a handful of minor incidents. For 2015, the number of occurrences remained at two, the same as the previous year.

Most of the minor non-compliance issues were resolved simply by flushing the affected areas with freshly chlorinated water.

The numbers for 2015 were reported to township council Mar. 22.

Woolwich crews test eight water systems daily. Their work is backed up by regular testing by Region of Waterloo technicians.

Last year, there were no occurrences in the Elmira/St. Jacobs system, down from two in 2014. There was one occurrence reported in Heidelberg, up from none the previous year. In the case in Maryhill’s two systems, there were no occurrences, as was the case previously. The two systems in Conestogo reported just one occurrence between them, while there weren’t any in 2014. West Montrose also had a clean record, as it did a year earlier. In Breslau, there were no occurrences after just one in 2014.

Both non-compliance issues involved readings of elevated total coliform levels. In each instance, the problem was resolved by flushing of the system. As with lowered chlorine levels that sometimes occur, issues were more likely to develop in parts of the systems with dead-end pipes, where water doesn’t move around as often as in the typical looped areas.

In such cases, the incidents don’t mean the water is unsafe, simply that there is a technical issue that was quickly remedied.

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