The sun shines in on public sector spending in mandatory reporting of salaries

Woolwich and Wellesley townships contributed nine members to a list of people on the public dime in the region who earned more than $100,000 in 2015.

Across the province, the list – which includes doctors, nurses, teachers, police and firefighters in addition to civil servants – grew by 3.6 per cent to 115,531, an addition of 3,993 names despite the provincial government’s universally condemned privatization of Hydro One dropping 4,000 people from those reported.

The provincially mandated salary information was released last week.

In Woolwich, chief administrative officer David Brenneman was the highest paid of township employees, taking in $152,551.44 ($143,939.77 in 2014). Director of engineering and planning Dan Kennaley, was paid $118,058.70 ($111,222.75), the same as director of finance/treasurer Richard Petherick, director of recreation and facilities Karen Makela (now departed), while township fire chief Rick Pedersen made $117,228.29. The mid-year appointment of director of council and information services/clerk Val Hummel dropped that position from the list.

Manager of engineering Richard Sigurdson was paid $110,128.34 ($103,700.78), while public works supervisor Barry Baldasaro came in at $100,330.48 ($104,787.36). New to the list this time around is chief building official Peter Vanderbeek at $102,169.01.

In Wellesley, chief administrative officer Rik Louwagie was paid $113,376.95.

At the Region of Waterloo, there were 284 people among those paid more than $100,000 by taxpayers, up from 238 the year before. The Waterloo Regional Police provided 545 names, up from 403 in 2014.

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