Woolwich releases council remuneration figures for 2015

Woolwich councillors collected a total of $106,670.92 in pay and benefits, filing expense claims of $10,883.10. The totals jumped more than usual this year due to an overlap with a new, expanded council.

Woolwich councillors collected a total of $136,025.12 in pay and benefits in 2015, filing expense claims of $4,651.25.

The 2014 numbers were $106,670.92 and $10,883.10 respectively.

In a housekeeping measure mandated by the province, finance director Richard Petherick filed a statement of payments and expenses that was accepted by council at Tuesday night’s meeting. The Ontario Municipal Act gives municipalities until March 31 to make the details public.

Each of the ward councillors received $18,132.22, plus $664.73 in payroll expenses. Mayor Sandy Shantz cost taxpayers $41,208.75 (including $10,299.96 for serving on the Waterloo North Hydro board) and $831.62 in payroll expenses.

Petherick’s report also noted the township paid five members of its Committee of Adjustment remuneration totalling $3,220.

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