Monthly St. Boniface Catholic Women’s League meeting

The monthly meeting of the St. Boniface Catholic Women’s League was held on March 10th, 2016.

Mass was celebrated at 7 p.m. in church by Father Ron Voisin for the Intentions of the Living and Deceased members of our Council.

CORRESPONDENCE CONVENOR: Judy Kittel reported receiving the Catholic Missions in Canada booklet, Mission News – Comboni Missionaries, and the KW Right to Life Spring Newsletter. A thank you letter was received from the Sally Szarvas family.

President Fran Vegh spoke and updated the ladies on the Fundraising project that the Knights of Columbus, Maryhill Historical Society, Holy Name Society and our Catholic Women’s League are working on. They will be selling ground beef, beef patties, steaks, sausages, roasts, pork chops and pepperoni

sticks from now until April 22nd. This meat is frozen and pick up date at the Maryhill Heritage Park Community Centre is on May 14th from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

HEALTH & EDUCATION CONVENOR – Judy Kittel spoke on an article in the League magazine on “Literacy & You” and encouraged the ladies to read this article. She spoke on the many things that we could do to encourage reading not only for the ladies by their grandchildren as well.

ORGANIZATION CONVENOR – Mary Campagnaro is still waiting for a couple more memberships to come in although these memberships have been paid.

SPIRITUAL CONVENOR – Barb Nosal handed out a reflection sheet and encouraged the ladies to live the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, ideas were given in the reflection sheet. It is also encouraged that the ladies come to church early and to pray the Rosary privately before the Good Friday Liturgy for World Peace and to end Abortion.

The Spring Regional is on Saturday, March 12th at St. Joseph’s Church in Fergus.

Helen Peacock reminded the ladies of the 2 wooden boxes in the side entrance and back of church for Catholic Missions and Pornography Hurts campaigns.

President Fran Vegh thanked Heidi Wagner for convening this evening’s meeting and for the lovely lunch.

Heidi Wagner introduced Tiffany Krahn who is a registered dietitian at the Woolwich Community Health Centre. It was a lively, interesting and fun talk on eating strategies and self-assessment. Lots of interaction with the group. Following her presentation she handed out an In-Home Slim-by-Design Self-Assessment Scorecard which brought forth some lively conversations.

Next meeting will be on Thursday, April 14th with Mass at 7 p.m. with convener Joanne Nederend.


L-R – Tiffany Krahn registered dietitian at the Woolwich Community Health Centre and area convener Heidi Wagner.

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