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Trivia night has become a popular fundraising event for Woolwich Community Lions

Trivia Night

The Woolwich Community Lions want to know, well, anything and everything.

The lady Lions are gearing up for their annual trivia night on Feb. 6 and are looking for know-it-alls and trivia buffs to answer questions and raise money for charity.

The fun begins at 7 p.m. at the Lions Hall in Elmira and event organizer, Nancy Chiasson, says the evening will be a blast and invites everyone to join in.

“If you are interested in something a little different, it is a fun, social, entertaining way to spend a winter evening,” she said, adding that this is the third year the event has been held. “This will be our third year and this event has been very successful for us. Last year we were able to double our attendance numbers from the first year. People have a very good time and we get many people coming back the next year. The players really get into the games and the atmosphere is one of friendly competition.”

The categories of questions cover a broad range of topics – nothing is off limits.

“The categories change every year and we try to cover a wide variety of interests. In the past we have had categories such as TV theme songs, music, Olympic sports, animals, medicine, words and phrases,” said Chiasson, adding that this year’s questions are kept under wraps until everyone arrives. “Of course this year’s categories are a secret until the night of the event, but as usual they are diverse, interesting and challenging.”

Trivia can be a serious business, and those who want to prepare for the event can do a few different things to increase their trivia smarts, as well as bring along their own personal knowledge – it could give your team the leg up it needs.

“The best way for people to practice is to play other trivia games or watch Jeopardy, or work on recruiting friends for their team who are already trivia enthusiasts. You would also be surprised at the random things you already know that may come in handy.”

The event has steadily grown over the last three years, with 19 teams of eight people at last year’s trivia night. Chiasson says they are hoping for a sold out event this year, filling all of the spots on 25 teams and raising cash for a variety of community projects.

“The Woolwich Community Lions actively contributes to a number of organizations located in Woolwich Township and beyond,” said Chiasson. “Currently the majority of our fundraising is going towards two main projects. The first is the purchase of an accessible van for the Elmira District Community Living and the second major contribution, in conjunction with the Lions Club of Elmira, is the Lions Resource Centre, which is the home of Woolwich Community Services.”

Winning teams will be receiving cash prizes, donated by local businesses and sponsors. All it costs is $20 per person for 10 rounds of trivia and snacks. There will be a cash bar. Chiasson says most of the teams from last year are vying to take the top spot at this year’s event and spaces are filling up fast. All registration is in advance, and can be done by emailing wlcltrivia@gmail.com.

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