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Maryhill Historical Society establishes board for 2016

L-R Ashley Honsberger (Publications and Website), Doug Keller (Wayside Crosses), Ken Hanson (Secretary), Diane Beitz (Birthday Convenor), Marlene Bruckhardt (Past President), Brian Lorentz (Maintenance), Mary Ann Stroh (Vice-President), Tom Schell (President), Diane Strickler (Archivist, Genealogist, Resource Centre), Fran Vegh (Treasurer), Mary Campagnaro (Church, Community, School Convenor), Ken Kurtz (Program Convenor).

The 38h Annual General meeting of the Historical Society of St. Boniface and Maryhill Community was held on Sunday, November 22nd at 2 p.m. in the Maryhill Heritage Park Community Centre.

Thank you to members Tony Mancini and Marion Roes for acting as scrutineers and to Tim Vegh who conducted the meeting with a keen sense of professionalism.

The society’s 12 person board has 2 new members. The new board looks forward to serving its members in 2016 and invites suggestions and comments.

President Marlene Bruchardt welcomed everyone, the Historical Society prayer was recited and a moment of silence was held for members who passed away during this past year.

Marlene Bruckhardt gave her president’s report by extending her sincere appreciation to all board members and committee chairs for their support, effort and the volunteer time they have contributed to the Historical Society during this past year.

Secretary – Treasurer – Ken Hanson handed out financial statements from October 2014 and answered questions he then handed out the statements of operations ending October 2015.

Tim Vegh spoke on the proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws and the Policies and Procedures. After some discussion these amendments were voted on and carried.

Election of officers for the 2016 year are: President – Tom Schell; Vice President – Mary Ann Stroh; Secretary – Ken Hanson; Treasurer – Fran Vegh; Past President – Marlene Bruckhardt.

Committee Chairs – Archivist & Genealogy – Diane Strickler; Church – Mary Campagnaro; Birthday Club – Diane Beitz; Building Maintenance – Brian Lorentz; Community – Diane Beitz; Fundraising – Lee Ann Wetzel; Membership – Carol Neumann; Program – Ken Kurtz; Publications – Ashley Honsberger; Resource Centre – Diane Strickler; School – Mary Campagnaro; Wayside Crosses – Doug Keller; Website – Ashley Honsberger.

President Tom Schell with guest speaker Marion Roes.
President Tom Schell with guest speaker Marion Roes.

Vice-president Tom Schell reported on the many meetings – executive, board and heritage meetings he had attended as well as the many phone calls and emails he had done in his capacity as vice president. He attended the Genealogical Fair at the Kitchener Public Library as well as the planning, displays and clean-up for Canada Day, Heritage Sunday and Fall Fest. He assisted the president in planning for the new 2016 board. He also helped to do repair work at the Edward Halter Home.

ARCHIVIST & GENEALOGIST – Diane Strickler is responsible for write-up on Donations & Acquisitions to our society and submitted list to the Waterloo Historical Society for 2015 as well as submitting information on our Open Houses, Canada Day, Heritage Day, Fall Harvest Day and Annual Meeting in their newsletter. She also keeps our Society abreast of news from the Waterloo Historical Society. She has sold all our publications throughout
the year. She has helped research 33 families – Adam, Braun / Brown, Bitschy, Brohman,
Ditner, Flach, Foerster, Gehl, Gerrity, Hammer Haus/ Hauss, Heimberger, Klein,  leinsteuber, Kloepfer, Kraemer, Lehman, Sister Lucitta Loechler, Maller, May, Messner, Meyer, Moyer, Reikowski, Reuter/Reiter/Rider Roth, Schaefter, Schall, Schopp, Schmuck, Seifried, Smith, Waechter, Wahl, Weiler, Zettel, Zinger. Been available several times for people wishing to seek information at the Historical House as well as three Open Houses from June until end of September. Delivered & published newsletters, calendars and flyers for Canada Day & Fall Harvest Day. Monthly meetings and happenings have been published.

BIRTHDAY CLUB CHAIRMAN – Diane Beitz prepared and mailed birthday greeting for 143 Birthday Club members. We have 146 members over 80 and 32 members over 90. She had made a display for Canada Day. BUILDING MAINTENANCE – Brian Lorentz has trimmed trees, cleaned yard of branches and debris, and cleaned gutters and downspouts. Worked getting quotes and opinions on repair of the foundation wall and worked on the concrete work of the foundation wall, the rear steps to the house and installing the wheelchair ramp. Met with tenant on work that will be done to their apartment. Helped with the set up and clean up to the special event days.

CHURCH CHAIRMAN – Mary Campagnaro reported that the Baptisms, Marriages & Deaths for 2014 have been updated, typed and indexed. The years -Baptism 1916, Marriage 1913 & Deaths to 1946 are now available in the Historical House. This is according to the Ontario Archives.  Mary orders flowers and decorates the church with flowers as well as cleaning the church. Did house sitting and also attended meetings and worked at the special events.
Extensive work has been done in the “Old Walled Cemetery”. New information sheets are now available that have 35 interesting monuments in that cemetery. Mary Ann Stroh and Diane Strickler were actively involved as well. All three ladies worked on updating the New & Old Walled Cemetery books. They are now ready for reprinting. Preparation is taking place for the new monument that will hold 96 names. These original monuments have been broken and deteriorated beyond repair many over 150 years old. The names going on the large monument are: Lualia Adams , Johanna Allgeier, Christian Baumann, Joseph Berberich, Rosalia Bitschey , Boy Brohman, Hugo Brohman, Magdalen Brohman, Bertha Brohmann, Girl Bruder, Henry Diemert, John Drexler, Johanna Eisenbach, Willie Eisenbach, Caroline Fahrer, Philip Fahrer, Maria Fischer, Magdalena Forma, Maria Frank, Maria Anna Frank, Catherine Fromm, Mathias Gabel, Felix Gehl, John Gehl, Henry Goetz, Laurentius Goetz, Mary Goetz, Peter Halter, Eleanor Harnack, Agnes Hauck, Edward Hauck, Elizabeth Heintzman, Jacob Heintzman, Alice Hummel, Andrew Hummel, Martin Hummel, George Keller, Anthony Kerchner, Elizabeth Kirchener, Andrew Klein, Magdelena Kneflier, Elizabeth Knoepfler, Baby Kurtz, Gottlieb Kurtz, Agnes Lanli, Catherina Lauber, Gottlieb Lehman, Theresa Lehman, Joseph Lehman, Frank Lehman, Henry Lehmann, Joseph Lehmann, Ernst Loeffler, Walburga Martin, Elizabeth Martin, Joseph Mattell, Joseph May, Alexander Miller, Michael Miyer, Joseph Raiter, Andrew Reinhard, Mary Ann Reinhard, Loyd Reinhart , Martin Reinhart , Philip Rellinger, Jacob Rider, Mary Rider, Mary Roth, Susina Roth, Alfred Schell, Anton Scherer, Elizabeth Scherer, Mickel Scherrer, Laurine Schmaltz, Heinrich Schmuck, Mary Schuett, Ida Schuett, William Schuett, Frances Seifried, George
Seifried, Leslie Seifried, Magdalena Seitz, Michael Seitz, Wilhelm Seitz, Felix Shumacker, Maria Stieger, John Vagle, Andrew Weiler, Theresia Weiler, Jacob Weiler, Joseph Wendling, Mary Wilhelm, Gertrude Zettel, Lucas Zettel, Carrie Zettel, Michael Zettle, Johanna Zettwuch, Maria Anna Zinger, Albin Zinger, Louis Zinger, Alois Zinger, Chrisostimus Zinger.

FUNDRAISING CHAIRMAN Lee Ann Wetzel obtained the lottery license, followed up and gave a final report to the Township. She prepared and printed tickets; solicited and picked up silent auction donations; updated spreadsheets for donations; receiving/documenting and organizing tickets, prepared deposits for Treasurer. Lee Ann set up and organized silent auction on Heritage Day. Received and documented payments and wrote thank you letters. She also set up and helped clean up for Heritage Day.

MEMBERSHIP – Suzy Motz reported that we have 323 members with 287 members in Ontario, 22 in the United States, 5 in Alberta, 2 each in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Quebec, 1 each in Manitoba, Switzerland and England. In 2013 there were 327 members, 2014 there 365 members and in 2015 there were 369 members. 338 members are lifetime members and annual  members number 31. Yearly membership is $10, single life time $30 and family life time $40.

NEWSLETTER – Suzy Motz reported that the winter newsletter is in progress and then will begin on the spring edition. The annual calendar is almost complete.

PROGRAM – Ken Kurtz assisted with the looking after of the Wayside Crosses. Participated with Heritage weekend at Conestoga Mall and attended the monthly meetings and held one Open House Sunday. Invited car and tractor collectors to the Canada Day Celebrations and looked after the set up and clean up for that day. Looked after music for that day. Wife Sheila made the bunting and decorated the outside of the Historical House. He helped
with the cement work at the Halter house. Actively participated in the Fall Fun Fest event and canvased and picked up donations for Heritage Day silent auction and also delivered the thank you letters following that day’s activities.

RESOURCE CENTRE CHAIRPERSONS – Diane Strickler & Mary Ann Stroh They gathered items and publications for display. They set up display and attended Heritage Showcase at Conestoga Mall on Saturday Feb. 21st & Diane put display items away in Historical House. We were invited to have a display at the 4th Annual Genealogy Fair at the Kitchener Public Library on Saturday, April 25th. Both actively participated in Canada Day, Heritage Day
and Fall Harvest Day. Worked in May and June in house cleaning and organizing some of the displays. Mary Ann put together the 4H display for the Fall Harvest Day. She also was available for the summer Open House days. She was also busy organizing both the obituaries and prayer cards of local residents from the past several years into a scrapbook. Both ladies helped Marg Drexler who is on the Woolwich Heritage Committee for the
Township look at buildings in the Maryhill area that could have Heritage building designations. This group is headed by Bonnie Bryant.

ROADSIDE SHRINES – Doug Keller was responsible for the looking after the Wayside crosses. He looked after the grass cutting and weed and tree trimming at the three crosses plus doing minor repairs. Attended all the monthly meetings and set up and clean up at Heritage Day and the Annual General Meeting. Prepared a display for the Fall Harvest Day and brought the gravel in for the cement repairs. In the spring of next year Doug will replace the cross with new wood to be installed at the Klein location. Carl Zettel is donating and cutting the timber and Doug will finish and install.

SCHOOL CHAIRPERSON – Mary Campagnaro & Diane Strickler. Mary has reported that she has received the St. Boniface School year book for 2014. Pictures and names have been received of class, staff, 1st Communion and Confirmation and these have been put into photo albums. Updated school information on teachers, school council, renovations and maintenance done to the school during the 2014 year.  Diane Strickler was happy to report that the old section of St. Boniface School is now designated as a Heritage Building. She had also helped James Arteaga, BES Student Heritage Research & Resource development with the Culture Service Division of the Planning & Development & Legislative Services for the Region of Waterloo with school research in particular with Bloomingdale, Kossuth /Reist’s , Roseville, Shantz Station, St. Boniface, Vance, Victoria. Weissenburg. West Montrose, and Winterbourne Schools. Is continuing to look for information on S.S. #22 in Waterloo.

WEBSITE CO-ORDINATOR – Suzy has kept count of the number of people looking at our website for January 322, Feb. 260, March 293, April 268, May 299, June 266, July 260, August 284, September 380, October 357, and as of the meeting November 238 for a total of 3224 unique visitors. Guest speaker Marion Roes showed slides and spoke on one of her books on funeral homes, customs and vehicles. It was informative and entertaining, and
brought back memories from another time.

Next meeting Sunday, January 10th at 1 p.m.in the Edward Halter Home. Everyone always welcome.

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