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It's finally official: July sucked

For those of us who look forward to hot, sticky summers, we’ve been sorely let down by Mother Nature. For the first time weather guru David Phillips can remember, June was warmer than July.

“May was actually warmer than normal. June was actually warmer than normal. It was certainly above normal by almost more than a degree. July has been probably about one and a half degrees colder than normal – we’ve had no days above 30 degrees,” said Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada.

The average temperature in June was 19.4 degrees Celsius, while only 19 in July. He said it hasn’t been a record low, but certainly felt more lukewarm than the Julys we’re used to. Last year we saw the thermometer hit 33 degrees in July, and nearly 35 degrees the year prior. This July, the two days it hit 30, that was it.

“It feels so much cooler,” Phillips said. “For those that love their temperatures warm, it’s been sort of disappointing. We had a long cold winter.”

But it’s not time to throw in the towel just yet. Phillips says we could still see those mid-30s temperatures come August, and maybe into September. The weather models suggest August will be warmer than normal.

“My sense is it’s too early to see how the summer will pan out,” Phillips said. “July just really couldn’t get going. From a growing point of view we are probably a little bit behind. The crops are alright but maybe it needs to be the heat to bring on the fruits and vegetables. That may come.”

This week’s forecast included 20 degrees on Thursday, close to a record in terms of coolest afternoons for this date in Elmira. The normal would be 26 or 27 degrees.  He said we typically don’t see those kinds of departures from the average in the warm season as you’d see in the cold months.

“Our models from August, September, and October, we’re showing warmer than normal,” Phillips said. “But that doesn’t mean everyday. We generally feel the last half of summer and the fall will be warmer than normal.”

They had predicted June and July would be normal temperatures. He said they got June right but not July. And while July is usually the warmest month, Phillips says not to give up on summer. He also noted many people are grateful for the moderate temperatures, given the money they’re saving on air conditioning.

“It’s been delightfully comfortable, but probably not sitting on the patio drinking beer weather,” Phillips said. “And maybe that’s where people feel they haven’t had a chance to complain about the heat, haze, and humidity.”

For the end of summer and the beginning of fall we’ll see more Pacific air come our way and this could mean a great harvest come August and September, despite the delay.

Whatever the weather ahead, we’ll all have something to say about it.

“Maybe we’re only happy as Canadians when we’re complaining about the weather.”

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