Third candidate enters the race for Ward 4 in Wellesley

Gord Doehn

A third-generation vegetable farmer, Wellesley Ward 4 candidate Gord Doehn has a deep appreciation for the region and its prime farmland.

Gord Doehn
Gord Doehn

“It’s a gorgeous part of the country and I think it should be maintained as much as possible,” Doehn said at his home just east of Bamberg. “The last thing I’d like to see is something like wind turbines come here.”

The race for council’s Ward 4 now has three candidates, with Carl Smit and Brian Cunningham having already put their hats in the ring to replace Paul Hergott, who is running for mayor.

Doehn says he has the business skills and enthusiasm necessary to succeed at the position.

“I like to see fiscal responsibility and social programs that work for local people. … I have a curiosity to get involved and to see how the actual inner ticking’s work. I think I do have some business expertise that could help out at the table.”

Asked what specific issues he would like to see addressed by council, he replied, “long term I think there are some possibilities to link up with the new Ion (rapid transit) system in Waterloo.”

Doehn moved to the township last year from the southwest corner of Kitchener, attracted by the area’s beautiful scenery and rolling hills. He has a “real sense of community,” and plans to be in the township long term. He added, “(I’m) very approachable and more than willing to address issues and to be an advocate for,” the people of Wellesley.

Along with other Ontarians, Wellesley voters head to the polls on October 27.

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