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Winging it while taking in Broncos vs. Seahawks

It’s that time of year again: Super Bowl Sunday is only a week away and it’s never too early to start thinking about what kind of munchies you’re going to serve or bring to your party.

Of course, there are plenty of options when it comes to party food, but we decided to stick to the classic chicken wing this time around. Regardless of the game’s outcome, chicken wings are always a winner with those watching the game. Pair them up with your favourite cold beverage and you’ve got yourself an unbeatable combination.

Be sure to trim some of the fat off the wings and brine them up for a full day before attempting these recipes. Enjoy the game: may the best team win.


Bronco’s Bucking Hot Wings


2 lbs of chicken wings

1/2 cup mayonnaise

2 tsp sriracha sauce

1 tsp chili powder

1 tsp chili flakes

2 tsp white vinegar

3 cloves garlic, diced finely

Salt and pepper to taste


Place chicken wings on the grill or 300F oven and cook for 1 hour, turning frequently (this will render the fat off the chicken skin and create a crispy outer layer);

Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and set aside;

Remove chicken wings from grill, place in sauce bowl, toss wings and eat ’em up.


Home Team Blue Cheese Dip


1 cup sour cream

1 cup mayonnaise

1 clove garlic, diced finely

2 tsp white vinegar

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 sprig sliced green onion

1/2 cup blue cheese crumbled by hand

Salt and pepper to taste


Place all ingredients except the blue cheese in a large mixing bowl, mix well;

Crumble the blue cheese by hand into the mixture and fold in with a rubber spatula so it remains chunky;

Place in the fridge until ready to eat with wings.


Seahawk’s Salt & Pepper Wings


2 lbs of chicken wings

1/2 tbsp sea salt

1 cup cornstarch for dusting

1 tbsp garlic powder

Sea salt and paper to taste


Put wings in a shallow bowl, sprinkle evenly with 1/2 tbsp salt, cover, and chill overnight;

Drain wings, dry with paper towels. Bring to room temperature;

Pour oil to a deep pot and heat over medium high heat to 350F on a deep-fry thermometer;

Put cornstarch in a bowl and season with a pinch each of salt and pepper. Add wings and toss to coat, shaking off excess;

Add wings to hot oil and fry 6 to 10 minutes, until deep golden brown and cooked through. Using a slotted spoon, transfer wings to paper towels to drain briefly;

Transfer to a bowl and toss with garlic powder and more salt and pepper;

Serve with homemade blue cheese dipping sauce.

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