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A reprieve from the wet weather

Looking up to the sky this weekend don’t be alarmed if you see a large yellow disc, it’s just the sun.

After three weeks of rain and cloud cover the sun will be making an appearance to the Waterloo Region this weekend.

“October has been the pits. In (the Waterloo Region) for the last three weeks there have been two dry days – that is incredible. That is something a Vancouverite can understand, but for us that is so depressing and dismal and people are getting upset,” said David Phillips senior climatologist with Environment Canada.

This should be our nicest season, but we have seen twice as much rain as we normally get this time of year, he added.

The wet weather has begun to wear people down and there had been a total of 140mm of rainfall in the month of October.

However, the long stretch of day after day of wet weather has been good for us as water levels have been filled along with reservoirs and wells, said Phillips.

Over the last week the rain has been from the remains of Hurricane Sandy that pounded the east coast of the United States and parts of Canada. That weather system mixed with a cool front coming from the west created the “superstorm “ that devastated much of New York City and other coastal cities along the eastern seaboard. The system has left and the region should see sunshine but with much cooler temperatures than normal.

“The sun has been missing in action for a lot of September and a lot of October, but it will be back with us for a few days this weekend until at least Monday,” said Phillips. “We can all put away our umbrellas and rain ponchos and feel good.”

Normal temperatures for this time of year are 10 or 11 degrees. This weekend it should reach a high of six degrees.

Phillips said the month of November will be back to normal temperatures and normal precipitation, but we should expect some warm days scattered throughout.

“We may see our first snowfall in November, but it won’t be significant,” he said. “We will have the fickle weather we are use to having in November. One day will be great the next day not so much and back and forth. We should be seeing a lot more sun in the new month which everyone can agree is a good thing.”



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